Tir NA Nog, the project

Tir Na Nog will be a surrealistic New Media Art installation based on ancient celtic culture, myths and history where we'll create a new legend inspired in an impossible romance between the ethereal Dyu and the magic Niska.  

Tir Na Nog, the World After the Seas, is governed by the Celtic Mermaid Niska, who challenges the Moon while she exploding her senses jealousy to haven't only for her the neutral Dyu making the Moon down to the underwater world. When this happens, the Moon causes the disappearance of Dyu, the peacemaker of the elements, creating chaos among the other elemental elements: Paralda (air), Ghob (earth) and Djin (fire). The visitor, at the doors of Tir Na Nog, must to choose its character (Niska or Dyu) and experience the adventure in a context that mixes Nature, Futurism and Tradition.

In this anachronistic adventure, we fuse between different techniques to create an interactive and immersive ambient in Second Life virtual world using computer graphics design, performing arts, scripting and photo-manipulation. 

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Second Life: TIR NA NOG, the cyber renaissance of celtic gods (LEA10)

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