Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Character design: mermaid fetus

All we come from somewhere, even Gods. Here you can see a work in progress prototype of Niska, the God of Element Water, as fetus and her particular nut-placenta from the celtic tree of life. Both appear in our first teaser trailer machinima of Tir Na Nog, the cyber renaissance of Celtic Myths.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trailer Tir Na Nog


***Cooming Soon...
Artist: Noke Yuitza & MORLITA Quan
Project: Tir Na Nog the cyberrenaissance
Music: © MORLITA Quan

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Making off "Ethereal Search of the Beats" performance in Second Life

Wanna join us into the "Ethereal Search of the Beats"? Is the immersive CG art & electronica music performance that Morlita Quan and me are preparing for the 3th Anniversary of Artemis Gallery in Second Life. As you can see in this video, Morlita is filming while I'm setting the stage ;)

This performance is inspired in the perception of time as an ethereal entity and in our CG art installation "Tir Na Nog, The cyber renaissance of Celtic Myths".

DATE: July, 9 at 2:00 pm PDT (22h UCT)
PLACE: Artemis Gallery in Second Life


Morlita & Noke
Performing & CG Arts Team

Machinima credits: Morlita Quan

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Premiere of TIR NA NOG in SL10B: "The Cave" and "The Flower"

TIR NA NOG, the cyber renaissance of Celtic Myths in the SL10B

It's our pleasure to invite you to come today Sunday to dive into our special premiere collages The Cave and The Flower for the 10th Anniversary of Second Life (SL10B), where we were invited to participate showing a part of our project in Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA).

Time: From June 16 to June 29, open 24h

Both collages are interactive so, please, follow these instructions to do better you're immersive experience:

1- Configurate enviroment in midnigth settings
2- Turn on your sounds (in sounds and media)
In The Cave (plot #35):
3- The stones at floor are a trap ;) If you wanna go to the center and don't fall into the water, you must run before stone crash
4- Once in the center, please click one of the cornes of this plot (at the water side) and rest of exhibition will appear
5- To hide again the structure just click one more time the build.

Enjoy! :)

Performing & CG Art Team

***Please, feed the artists! Help us to build Tir Na Nog with your donations. We truly appreciate it.

Click on picture to see it better

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Premiere of TIR NA NOG in Artemis "The Cave & Niahm" and "The Key to the Portal"

It's our pleasure to invite you to come to the premieres collages of  TIR NA NOG, the cyber renaissance of Celtic Myths hosted in the virtual Galerie Artemis: The Cave & Niahm, introduction to our tale, and The Key to the Portal, a piece for the celebration of the Artemis 5th anniversary & SL10B.


Enjoy! :)

Performing & CG Art Team

***Please, feed the artists! Help us to build Tir Na Nog with your donations. 

CG Art Installation rendered in real time with Second Life App. Modeling with Blender 2.6, Sculpty Paint & Second Life 3D Editor. Textures with Photoshop CS5 & Blender 2.6.

Premiere today of "TIR NA NOG, The Ethereal Dyu" in MadPeas Art Festival

TIR NA NOG, The Ethereal Dyu Premiere in MadPea Art Festival

Once upon a time, in the World After Seas, Niska, Goddess of Water, fell in love into an impossible romance with ethereal Dyu, God of Elements. What will you do if you where them? Will you challenge the Moon?

It's our pleasure to invite you today to TIR NA NOG, The Ethereal Dyu, our special collage for the MadPea Art Festival in Second Life, a premiere of what you will see in LEA10. What you see here is a part of a scene of TIR NA NOG: As the God of Elements, Dyu balance the Gods of Fire, Air, Earth and Water keeping them in harmony. One day, Niska discovers his secret temple by serendipity through a coralline hood and she feel for fist time what's love.

Time: Today at 2pm PMT, starting with Jordan Reyne live in concert
Location: TIR NA NOG, The Ethereal Dyu in MadPea Art Festival


Morlita Quan & Noke Yuitza
Performing & CG Art Team

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Work Continues


Landing Point and New Stage are already finished but we keep working ;)
New Stage: The Ethereal Dyu

Landing Point Enter

Landing point Exit

Act I Under Construction